Nursing Department at the College of Applied Medical Sciences is committed to the professional growth and development of nurses.

The newly established Professional Development Training Program (PDTP) available at provides state-of-the-art online professional development programs and courses. The PDTP offers a number of online training programs designed for nurses, including, but not limited to:

    • SNLE Preparation Program
    • Preceptorship Program
    • Leadership Training Program

Each of the training programs has different application dates and requirements.

الدورات التدريبية المتاحة

SNLE Preparation Program

About This Program Program Objectives Target Audience Lecturers About This Program This intensive online preparation program is one of Professional Development Training Programs (PDTP) and developed specifically to prepare nurses for the Saudi Nursing Licensing Exam (SNLE). The program includes foc…
  • Lecturer: Modi Al Moteri
  • Lecturer: Dr. Abdulellah al Thobaity
  • Lecturer: waleed alahmari
  • Lecturer: ashwaq albogami
  • Lecturer: Shahd Alghoriby
  • Lecturer: Hajar Ali Alasmari
  • Lecturer: Dr. Ahmed Alkarani
  • Lecturer: Maram Alshahrani
  • Lecturer: Ebaa Marwan Felemban
  • Lecturer: Mohammed Saleh Almalki
  • Lecturer: Hamama Zahrani
  • Lecturer: سعود حمدون جمعان الثمالي
  • Lecturer: ابتهال هلال سعيد المالكي